Our beginning was in 1986 in Egypt

Lets tell you about our history


Our beginning was in 1986 in Egyptspecifically in the al-Mahalla al-Kubra regionwhich is the stronghold of the cotton wool industry in Egypt and the world, 

because of the largest gathering of spinning and weaving factories on the world and for its famous and its excellent production of the best and finest Egyptian cotton, which is considered as premium types of cotton in the world.


Our First Factory


In 1986: We established our first factory (Fatima Co. for Uniforms) in Egypt, which specializes in the production of uniforms and sportswear. Since that time we have been considered one of the largest manufacturers and famous suppliers in the manufacture of school uniforms, industrial uniforms and official uniforms for hospitals, companies, military uniforms, sports and hotel uniforms. This factory has grown steadily over the years and today we are proudly serving more than 150 customers varies from companies, institutions, major organizations and sports clubs with a permanent contract system in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa and all around the world.


Our Second Factory


In 1990, we expanded and our second factory was established in Egypt (Fatima Co. for children’s clothes), which specializes in manufacturing children’s clothes. It is excelled in providing all the child requirements and clothes starting from one day infants reaching to the teen’s stage.


Our Third Factory


In the year 2000 … Our third factory was inaugurated in Egypt (Fatima Co. for Linen products), specialized in manufacturing all-cotton linens of towels, bath towels and bathrobes in all shapes, colours, designs and high-quality used Egyptian cotton materials. This factory has developed and has become one of the largest factories specialized in its production in Egypt and the Middle East, and its products, according to the quality standards, they are exported to more than 25 African, Asian, European and American countries.


Our Fourth Factory


In the year 2010, we established the fourth of our factories in the chain of factories of Fatima (Fatima Co. for modern home collection), which produces all the requirements for modern homes, hotels, and hospitals such as bed covers, bed sheets, quilts, curtains, mats, Rugs and carpets on a global level compatible with the latest global tastes. We have a strong partnership with many international manufacturers in this field and our products are exported to many countries in the world.


Hello Africa

In 2019 … we started to go and expand to invest in African countries.

Our first factories (Fatima Fashion & Modern Home Collection ) were established in Africa, in Malawi (the warm heart of Africa) to be one of the biggest factories in that field in Africa and it is the first and the largest specialized factory in the region of Southeast Africa, where we produce the latest of what we reached with our long experience in the field of manufacturing uniforms for all bodies, institutions, sports clubs and Lodges & Hotels as well as our latest designs and products that serve the modern home and meet its needs of towels, bed linen, floor covering and curtains.

 Fatima Group is currently opening several new factories in African countries such as Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa, through which we seek to cover all the needs of the Africa continent with our distinguished products.